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as the gay panic defense, when a defendant, in a murder or assault case, claims he affected in a state of insanity because of homosexual panic. she introduced legislation that would prohibit defendants from using that strategy as a defense. >> very, very important that we make a qualification that justice is not served if we allow people to use a defense they were panicked and that is why they committed a murder. >> attorneys used the defense while defending four men accused of killing a transgender teen in 2004. attorneys claim the defense who were sexual enmit with her orphdisusessing she was -- after discovering she was not biologically female. >>> the snow pack is getting better but it is not good enough. today survey recorded water content at 24% of normal. that is the average combining all the survey stations. a month ago that number was 12% and at the start of the year 19%. it provides 1/3 of the state's water supply. >>> lawmakers approved a $687 million drought relief plan. it now heads to the governor's desk. the plan takes funds and bond money and redirects it to water conve
lit up for four runs. although bad defense right there by hunter pence turns the hit into more than just a single. another run in. watch this. the opposite of bad defense. michael morris, first day of the cactus league and josh redick absolutely sensational to rob him of a home run. 10-5 the a's get the best of the san francisco giants. >> mean time the warriors on the road. second game of the big trip back east. in chicago. and it is not going their way. o'neal helps the warriors build up a brief lead in the 1st quarter. they were up 3 after one. a familiar name, mike dunleavy working the baseline. it is 56-45 come halftime. >> speaking of half-court, last night the nuggets' mascot. rocky. behind his back he throws that thing right in. i doubt if he won trip or a car. that is the sporting life for right now. finally tomorrow the sharks will be back -- [ talking at the same time ] >> love that attitude of the mascot. >> what do you expect. [ talking at the same time ] >> thank you. >>> coming up tonight at 10:00 p.m. live in the sierra, all the rain turning to snow up there, will it
of defense from flooding. >> actually, last year, we took on water in two of our storerooms, along the side, so the landlord came out and we did the sump pump. >>reporter: heavy rain and high tide, also created a soggy situation in mill valley this morning. crews had to smut down shoreline highway where it crosses under 101. a 24 hour period, the north bay received more than an inch of rain, which inundated highway 1. and more than foot of water would not stop drivers, which chose to forge the flooding across another section of highway 1. double, even triple the calls for plumbers. >> sump pump is not working, everything backs up. >>reporter: i also spoke with a roofing company today, they tell me during storms like this one, they can receive 15 to 20 calls for emergency service for roof leaks and those emergency calls, they could cost you 9 $50 for that repair. live in mill valley, katie, ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> and if the rain didn't cause enough problems, ktvu has learned that thieves stole copper wires -- south bay. ktvu's john is live in san jose, where the result was flooding that c
, but they wouldn't say if they reveal any additional abuse. now, prosecutors and defense attorneys also declined to talk to us about the case today. krueger and warner will be back in court next month. live in the news room, eric rasmussen ktvu channel 2 news. >>> and our coverage continues on you can read more about today's court hearing and the investigation right on our home page. >>> new at 6:00 shths a teenage girl left permanently paralyzed when she was hit by a stray bullet as she was watching tv inside her home. two months later, she poke with ktvu's rob ross about that night, about the moment she lost feelings in her leg and about how she is determine today walk again. >> i kind of didn't know instantly. >> through physical therapy and determination, she's able to move one leg this much. >> it's going to take time for me to build up walk around with the braces and walker. >> at the age of 19 years old, she's permanently paralyzed from the waist down, but she knows he could have been killed. >> i'm glad i'm paralyzed rather than not here at all because that's how i really do se
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4